What is Covenant Legacy?

Covenant Legacy is a personal website. The idea for the website started as a medium to collect various personal works of papers, articles, sermons, seminars, videos etc. into one place. Because I am acquainted with many theologically sound and godly people, I have decided to also provide this website as a way to publish their various works for a world wide audience.  If you are interested in contributing to the Covenant Legacy website feel free to email me at: info@covenantlegacy.com

Who runs the Covenant Legacy website?

Eric Ayala is a Pastor of Grace & Truth Family Baptist Church, a confessional and reformed congregation in Plant City, Florida. He earned a Master’s degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, graduating with highest honors, and undergraduate degrees from Moody Bible Institute and Hillsborough Community College. He has developed curriculum for teaching Systematic Theology to those without formal theological training and seminars on the morality of self-defense, practical family worship, and hermeneutics. He enjoys spending time with his wife Kristen and their three children.

What does the name “Covenant Legacy” mean?

A “legacy” is that which is passed down from an ancestor, which is most usually a monetary inheritance or estate; but it can also refer broadly to anything that has been transmitted from one person to another. We stand at a crossroads of the legacy that has been given to us, we have in our possession the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3) and also an obligation to pass that same legacy to future generations to come. This legacy is given by Christ, who himself is the promised inheritance and which the Holy Spirit is the surety of.

“Covenant” is an agreement between two or more people. The particular covenant that this website refers to is the New Covenant, which was inaugurated by Christ through his own blood, death, burial and resurrection. The Covenant Legacy then, is to celebrate the fact that we are benefactors of the Covenant that has been passed down to us through Christ himself and through his work in the history of the Church, as well as our role to continue to pass down what we have been given to those that will come after us. This leads us to our motto: “For the Glory of God, for the Legacy of His Kingdom & for His Gracious Covenant.”

What does the Covenant Legacy logo mean?

The Shield has two meanings 1. We are in a spiritual battle and thus must take upon the shield of faith, along with the rest of the armor of God in Ephesians 6, that will protect us from the spiritual dangers around us. 2. We are called to defend, contend and give an answer for the legacy of the objective faith that was once delivered to the saints.

The Cross shouldn’t need much of an explanation as it has been the symbol of Christianity for thousands of years. It was on a Roman cross that our Lord Jesus Christ died for the sin of his people, paying for their transgressions and satisfying the just wrath of God. Three days later he was resurrected from the dead, which proclaimed his power over death, hell, the grave and all the powers of darkness.

The Wreath Crown symbolizes a few things, 1. It is the imperial crown worn by Emperors and thus shows the Kingdom authority of Christ over every realm in existence as the King of Kings. 2. It harkens us back to the legacy of our faith which was birthed out of a province of the Roman Empire and under which many of the first Christian martyrs died, refusing to confess “Caesar is Lord” but rather that “Christ is Lord” 3. The Roman numeral “M” in the bottom of the crown further points to the reign of Jesus’ Kingdom.

The Chalice indicates the Lord’s Supper in which he declared the inauguration of the New Covenant in his blood. It is this Covenant which our website gets its name and, “…is revealed in the gospel; first of all to Adam in the promise of salvation by the seed of the woman, and afterwards by farther steps, until the full discovery thereof was completed in the New Testament; and it is founded in that eternal covenant transaction that was between the Father and the Son about the redemption of the elect; and it is alone by the grace of this covenant that all the posterity of fallen Adam that ever were saved did obtain life and blessed immortality, man being now utterly incapable of acceptance with God upon those terms on which Adam stood in his state of innocency” (1689 LBC 7.3).

The Open Bible displays our affection to the Word of God which is our source of authority. Christians ought to be people of the Word and may we not leave our Bibles closed for very long. Through it we preach, teach, learn, grow, equip, rebuke, pray and are thoroughly furnished for every good work (1 Tim. 3:16-17).

Eric Ayala

Eric Ayala has a passion for the Word of God and its application in the life of believers. Dedicated to discipleship, he created Covenant Legacy in order to provide biblically sound discipleship materials.

OutsideIn addition to the blog posts, sermon delivery, counseling and study, he also participates in speaking events, conferences and training seminars.

He is an ordained Pastor of Grace & Truth Family Baptist Church, a confessional and reformed congregation in Plant City, Florida. Eric earned his Master’s degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, graduating with highest honors, and undergraduate degrees from Moody Bible Institute and Hillsborough Community College. He is currently doing Doctoral studies with Anderson University.


He has spoken on such varied topics as: Family Worship, Discipleship, Christian Education, Fellowship and Ecclesiology, Introduction to Hermeneutics, How to Study the Bible, How to Apply the Bible, Homiletics, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, Systematic Theology, Biblical Morality of Self-Defense, Biblical Views of Environmentalism, Biblical Views on the Justice System, Creeds and Confessions, Church History, and given Exegetical Sermons through Multiple Books of the Bible.

Eric is married to his wife Kristen and together they have three children. They enjoy gardening, camping, cooking, board games, reading and sharing time with friends.

If you would like Eric Ayala to speak at your church, conference or next event please contact Covenant Legacy at: 909-353-4229 (909-3LEGACY) or info@covenantlegacy.com